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  108 Hostel – a warm and affordable accommodation! 

Extremely well located, only 10 minutes on foot from Red Square, the Kremlin and all major points of interest (including the famous Tretyakov Gallery), our hostel offers a light, clean, homelike and peaceful atmosphere. 

Close to all public transportation, 30 seconds away from a convenient metro station, the hostel will also offer you the possibility to get a quick access to the best price cafeterias with traditional Russian food, fast food, sushi bars, and regular bars located in the neighborhood. ATM's, Exchange banks, Post office, Pharmacies are to be found easily in this part of the city which mixes nightlife and the traditional outlook of the old Moscow.

Charm of the old Moscow and modernity of a international accommodation. This is what we focus on and why we named our hostel “108”. The first human spaceflight was made by the soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in April 1961 and lasted precisely 108 minutes. It made mankind enter a new age of modernity. Our hostel is dedicated to this great event and to this man who turned around the globe just as we like to do the same, only with guests from every country coming to live at our place instead of us looking at them from up there!

The 108, however, has nothing to do with Gagarin’s small space cabin and is more a guest house than a hostel as there are 5 private rooms and only 2 dorms. The rates for the private rooms are lower than in any Moscow hotels and most of the other hostels in Moscow.